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New representative areas at PRECIOSA

New representative areas at PRECIOSA

Take a look with us at the newly renovated representative areas located in the main building of the PRECIOSA headquarters in Jablonec nad Nisou.

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The 2016 PRECIOSA ORNELA Calendar

PRECIOSA ORNELA has continued in its tradition of preparing and publishing calendars. The latest calendar for 2016 draws on the company’s many years of cooperation with regional costume jewelry companies, applied arts schools and significant designers who have contributed to the creation of the models and costume jewelry accessories made with beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand for January’s Made in Jablonec fashion show.

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Fashion Colorworks 2015

This international Fashion Colorworks competition was held for the sixth time this year. Beadworkers all over the world have registered for this competition on the My Lovely Beads website since 2010. Preciosa Ornela was once again one of the main sponsors in several categories this year.

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Škoda Superb BLACK CRYSTAL with Preciosa StarDust

The prestigious exhibition of design and fashion represents a unique collaboration between two Czech giants. The PRECIOSA glassworks are significantly involved with the studio installation of a ŠKODA Superb Black from ŠKODA AUTO, which will have its world premier presented at the 17th annual Designblok. The extraordinary elements of the Superb Black Crystal concept car are the “crystal” rims decorated with StarDust technology, which was developed and applied by PRECIOSA. On the basis of the recommendations from the head designer of ŠKODA AUTO, Jozef Kabaň, Czech glassmakers inserted the innovative Star Dust from PRECIOSA stone after stone into the rims of the Superb. The Black Crystal concept is additionally adorned with shining crystal ŠKODA logos on the hood, the rear, and on the wheel of the automobile maker’s flagship car.

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The finale of the Master of Crystal competition

PRECIOSA enables young designers to realise their dreams

What could be more interesting for young Czech artists than an opportunity to realise their design dreams within the realistic environment of a production company?

What could be more attractive for a Czech company than the option of cooperating with young people with an original view of the world?

It was precisely for these reasons that the Czech glass company PRECIOSA established the Master of Crystal competition eight years ago.

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Enchanted by seed beads

The Bertrand Fried Collection of diverse objects made of seed beads

Few items which surround and accompany us every day have such a rich and fascinating history as glass seed beads. A unique collection of historical seed bead curiosities which enables us to view the unbelievably flawless working of seed bead application in decorations and items of everyday use has been created thanks to those who allowed themselves to become limitlessly enchanted by this object. If you like the strong, beautiful and pleasant feeling of taking time out, becoming tranquil and being entranced, allow yourself to be enchanted by seed beads. If you have never tried it, we welcome you to your first such encounter!

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Dancing Cubes - SIGNAL festival

Dancing cubes at the 2015 Signal Festival

Lit glass cubes will set the National Theatre's piazzetta at the 2015 Signal Festival on 15th - 18th October. The creation of the "DANCING CUBES" installation for the 3rd year of the Signal Festival has followed on from other work by the studio VACEK & SMID undertaken for PRECIOSA ORNELA. The glass light silhouettes of the moving cubes have been created from glass pressing rods from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass brand.

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The Last Peyote Guardians

The documentary film entitled The Huichols: the Last Peyote Guardians was first shown in the Czech Republic on 1st – 5th May 2015. The film by the Argentinian director Hernán Vilchez was made in 2014 at the request of the representatives of the native Wixáritari (Huichol) people who live in the north of Mexico

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Maasai Odyssey

The internal beauty of Maasai women - a sales exhibition of photographs

If you are planning a trip to Prague during the second month of the summer holidays, be sure to visit the exhibition of typical African seed bead accessories and uniquely conceived photographs of Maasai women which will be held at the PRECIOSA Lighting showroom in Jáchymova Street, just a few steps from the Old Town Square, from July 30. 2015 to first week of September.

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