Alena and Jaroslav Klempíř


Alena and Jaroslav Klempíř

Greenland has literally become Alena and Jaroslav Klempíř's second home. After years of research trips to Greenland, they have come to know the beauty of its nature, the wonder of the polar days and the magic of the polar nights, all of which is so harsh, but at the same time fascinating and unforgettable.

They have become acquainted with the Greenlanders' way of life and this knowledge has changed the way they view life for good. They have fallen in love with the glistening ice, the radiance of the polar sun, the polar night and especially with the people who are so friendly.

They have gathered many written documents from the history and the present of Greenland throughout the period of their research. They have searched for traces of the history left behind by the missionaries of the Moravian Brethren. They have also compiled a history of glass beads which are the most distinctive element on the national dress of Greenland's women. The glass beads came from the Jablonec and Lower Giant Mountains areas.

The individual chapters of the book set out their personal memories from meetings with significant personalities from Greenland, including individuals from its artistic, scientific and political life. There are descriptions of personal experiences, often pleasantly humorous, observations from life and the way time is spent at Christmas, on special days and during folk celebrations.

The book is interwoven with Inuit fables with  references to the original religion and it includes sheet music renderings of the national anthem and a number of folk songs.

The book includes many period and historical photographs and maps from the Klempíř personal archive.


Alena and Jaroslav Klempíř


They are currently considered to be the greatest experts on Greenland in a general context. They are members of the International Organization of Journalists.

They work in the fields of social geography, history, climatology and glaciology.